Welcome to Kingsway Community Care

Kingsway Community Care Inc. is a church-based, not for profit organisation that exists to serve the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the community. 
Our desire is to see lives changed, families strengthened and communities transformed by building bridges between Kingsway Community Church and the community.

Key Objectives

  1. To promote and assist the development of all aspects of social welfare by assisting in and co-operating with other local organisations engaged in relieving poverty, distress, sickness, suffering, destitution, misfortune, loneliness or helplessness when deemed appropriate;
  2. To respond to needs and issues arising by directly or indirectly providing services or developing projects on a Shire or local neighbourhood basis and in conjunction with other organisations, where deemed more appropriate;
  3. To raise, study and collate information on social conditions, problems and community facilities within the Shire, arouse community interest and develop an informed public opinion on matters of social welfare;
  4. To pursue governmental and other support for community services, and encourage community involvement in this process;
  5. To increase awareness of the rights of individuals and the community to information to improve the quality of life and support for community groups working in the Shire in the field of social welfare;

Our Team

Sharon Naylor


Jennifer White


Brook Stewart


Elissa Stewart

Board Member

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