For the Blokes

If you're considering getting involved in a group where you can connect, grow, learn and contribute with other blokes, then let us know here and we'll aim to get you connected into a group that will suit!

Our desire to see blokes freed up and empowered to be the fathers, husbands, leaders and role models they were created to be. As Men we have been gathering regularly to try to keep in contact, to connect at a deeper level, and to create a community of men where we share more than just footy scores.

SeeChange Men want to be known and recognised especially for 3 characteristics.

Strength - is not about physical or emotional strength. It is about admitting that we haven’t arrived or have all the answers, it’s knowing that Jesus actually does have all the answers. 

Authenticity - is about letting go of façade and to realise that we are accepted into God’s family as valuable sons and heirs, because of God’s grace.

Faithfulness - is about following through, taking the faith that we already have and following through in our actions.

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