What to Expect

Our hope is that you feel welcome!

Regardless of your age, background, beliefs or your past, we trust that you’ll feel at home and have a strong sense that you matter to us – because you do.  

You can also expect to be among people just like you. Whatever your circumstances – single, married, single again, with or without children – there will be people who share a story common to yours. SeeChange is a community of people where anyone can belong - you might even call us a family.

Our gahterings are powerful, life-changing, engaging and inspiring, no matter where you may find yourself on the journey of faith. 

We are a passionate Spirit-filled church, enjoying a powerful sense of Gods Presence when we meet. We are committed to be led by the Spirit in every gathering. We expect the unexpected and every week we experience beautiful God surprises. It's a fun place to be! Never the same when His Spirit remains.

Our hope and expectation for you is that in the gathering of what we call ‘church’, you will experience a deep sense of love from our community, moreso, that you will join with us in the discovery of the overwhelming love of God. 



Brook and Tammy Stewart