Welcome to the Mid-Week Matters podcast. Our vision is to help you tackle the mid-week matters of life with greater wisdom and confidence.

Each episode taps into the experience and expertise of people from Kingsway with the goal to encourage you, equip you, and help you with day to day matters and challenges that we face each week. We'll be discussing finances, well-being, relationships, work, mental wellness, productivity and plenty more. Got a topic you'd like addressed? We'd love to hear from you! Email your suggestion here


EPISODE ONE | Finances and COVID-19 | With Sharon Naylor and Troy Dixon | Listen here | Download Show Notes

EPISODE TWO | Reflections of Online Learning during Covid | With Nicole Collins and Avril Mundy | Listen here 





EPISODE THREE | Mental Health and Well-being | With Jodie Thelning and Kym Dixon | Listen here





EPISODE FOUR | Business Leadership Moving Forward From Covid | With Grant Thelning and Brett White | Listen here